Vulkan Vegas Tournaments – Weekly Contests to Spice Things up

Tournaments are a part and parcel of every online casino then why should Vulkan Vegas be an exception? Teaming up with leading software providers sure has enriched our gaming portfolio but to us, it is of little value sans player opportunity to test one’s competitive edge, win lucrative prize pots and enjoy the most popular titles for an extended period of time.

At Vulkan Vegas, we are proud to offer you everyday entertainments and take home €4000, at the end of each tournament. What you can enjoy more here is the scope of taking pleasure in the games instead of worrying about the rules, all of which will only boost your experience out here.

Perks of Participating in Vulkan Vegas Tournaments

The benefits of participation at tournaments, organised by Vulkan Vegas are sensational and quite frequent. Irrespective of your experience at one of our events, grab here an idea about what’s awaiting avid punters out there.

  • An enormous sum of money reserved as prize pool, usually around €4000
  • A chance to experience the competitive edge
  • Requires no additional registration charge or surplus fees, unlike its peers operating in the industry
  • A scope to enjoy extra play time without incurring any special fee
  • A great opportunity for punters to enjoy their favourites without using their own funds for fulfilling wagering requirements
  • A chance to fight back poor luck or unlucky spins by trying out several times to cancel it out and ultimately chalk out a winning strategy
  • No hard and fast rules as such, which only indicates that you can just grab an understanding of the basics and gamble away to glory

Evidently, there are loads of benefits awaiting you, apart from the prize money. So don’t forget to give it a try for a change as you could very well come through with flying colours if luck favours!

How to Participate

As stated, we don’t have many rules on our rule-board, to be honest. But there are some basics to get accustomed to. Mentioned below are the same so take a look at it prior to making up your mind for a spin or two.

  • Initiate by clicking on the ‘Participate’ button
  • Go through the qualification rounds in real money game mode and check the widget continuously to see how many are left
  • Enjoy your wins by trying out your fortune and watch every €1 to transform into 60 points
  • Take pride in the special place earned into our tournament table

Conditions of Participation

Yes, we agree and take immense joy in announcing the lack of stringent rules in our tournaments. But as suggested before, there are two basics to keep in mind. The following points cover the same:

  • Participants should play online
  • Select from games or slots that are in offers at our tournament
  • Check the available information, such as prize money, dates, etc prior to entering a tournament

Enjoy Fixed Pot Tournaments Here!

Every tournament, big or small in scale and scope, held at online casinos, reserve a certain prize pot. Sometimes it’s pre-fixed, at other times it’s carved out of entry fees and in rare cases, there’s none to offer but only a chance to engage in free plays for fun.

Vulkan Vegas welcomes you with a Fixed Pot Tournament. The prize pool, as discussed earlier, is usually €4000 or so. Lucrative enough to get you going, it promises a life-changing experience, to the lucky players.

Current Tournament – SPARTAN

Now that you have gained a deeper insight into the basics, let’s just cut short the wait and move over to the existing proposal. Before it expires, do take some time out of your schedule to check out its theme or whatever it has in store for gaming enthusiasts like you.

So the current tournament labelled ‘Spartan’, is themed around ancient times when Spartans threw off newborns who were frail and sickly. However, to offer the present generation a chance to fight for their lives and earn enough for participating, we have in our collection 10 slots. Mentioned below are the same:

  1. Gladiator
  2. Epic Gladiators
  3. The Great Conflict
  4. 300 Shields
  5. Legendary Rome
  6. Roman Empire
  7. Glorious Rome
  8. Wild Spartans
  9. Imperial Wars
  10. Roman Legion

‘Practice’ them well, as much as you can, only to enjoy a heartwarming €4000 in return on being lucky.

An aggregate of 20 punters has already etched their names into our tournament table. Are you ready for the same? Try your hardest to earn prize money of €700 and above. Remember, a lump sum of €4000 awaits you, right here!

Past Tournaments & Their Unique Themes

Our legendary tournaments have taken place in the past and have left behind smiling faces. Here are a few worth sharing. Take a look at them before it vanishes, giving way to the current ones to occupy its position.


Labelled ‘Adrenaline’, the specified event spanned for 7 days. It began on 25th March 2019 and ended on 1st April 2019. Our concept here was to create an adrenaline rush like never before. So, if you think you have experienced the greatest state of excitement or nervousness before, during skydiving, or on your first date or at the time of quad riding, you are probably wrong.

This tournament was very much capable of generating good emotions and carried huge winnings for the lucky ones. With a prize pool of €4000 and with some of the best slots occupying its gamut, it caused much excitement among the participants.

Have you been a part of this tournament before? If yes, you may check on the results to discover how much you have won. The prize soared to as high as €533.38, would you believe?


Held on 18th March 2019, this event got over on the 25th March 2019, leaving behind 20 lucky winners. Albeit most of them scored below €500, the most fortunate participant grabbed a handsome reward of €542.40. Wondering what the theme was?

We targeted the players disinterested in the subject Mathematics and won their attention back through generous rewards, going as high as €4000. After all, who wouldn’t love counting winnings! Much better than solving equations, it offered the thrill of gambling on some of the best slots available in the market. Although it remained active for a short span of 7 days, it won the hearts of many.

There’s no doubt in the fact that tournaments are held back-to-back in here. If in suspicion, check out our next tournament in the upcoming section.


Again a 7-day event like the rest of the tournaments, it aimed to spice up gambling experience and was successful at the end. Held between 11th March 2019 and 17th March 2019, it followed the same old techniques, asking the player to push on the ‘Participate’ button, play out the qualification rounds and win enormous at the end, only if luck favoured. Similar to other equally thrilling and heartwarming competition, it reserved €4000 as the prize money. 20 participants again made it to the tournament table, while the luckiest one won a generous amount of €539.87 as a reward.

Participate & Win!

It’s time you test your luck at Vulkan Vegas and enjoy extra winnings from our tournaments! Held every week, it’s a wonderful opportunity for you to try out something fresh and different from your mundane life. Spice up your experience by participating in one or more of them. Ready, are you? Go ahead and take up the challenge!